在阿灵顿天主教高中,加拿大28游戏方法相信高等教育. We believe we’re not just preparing students to reach their academic potential, 但也要负起责任来, 关怀的成年人. So along with science, history and math, we teach 同情, honesty and charity. 这就把教育提升到了最高水平.



学生 at Arlington Catholic are required to take a minimum of two consecutive years of either a classical language (Latin) or world language (French, 意大利或西班牙语). However, as many colleges favor three to four years of a classical or world language, 加拿大28游戏方法鼓励学习超出最低要求的语言.

为什么要学习拉丁语,一门“死了”的语言? 一开始, Latin can help you improve your English vocabulary (50% of English words derive from Latin) and develop your understanding of grammar. Moreover, Latin is the language of law, science and Christian theology. By studying Latin, you also learn about the history and civilization of ancient  Rome.

Arlington Catholic  offers College Prep and Honors courses in Latin 1 and 2 as well as Honors Latin 3, 荣誉拉丁文学, 和美联社拉丁.  



螺旋象征着阿灵顿天主教学院的艺术系. This universally positive symbol appears in the visual works of numerous cultures including Celtic art, 印第安人的岩画, 阿拉伯语体系结构, 日本岩石花园和非洲面具. It is also known to symbolize the evolutionary process of growing and learning. 在灵性方面, the spiral can represent the path from outer consciousness to the inner soul. 因为艺术本身对所有参与学习的人都有价值, our classes integrate these various meanings as we begin the spiral journey with the basic principles of design and color theory. 随着加拿大28游戏方法旅行的继续, students explore advanced artistic techniques and experiment with adding a deeper meaning to their work while applying their learned skills in creative problem solving, 沟通, 管理跨学科领域的时间和资源. 正如螺旋式上升可能会永远持续下去, our goal as an Art Department is to heighten curiosity and instill a life-long interest in all things creative.



The infinity symbol represents the major goal of the math curriculum at AC – to create confident, 终身学习者.  在某种程度上, 该课程旨在为学生准备SAT和ACT考试, 被大学录取, 在大学课程上取得成功.  在更深层次上, the math curriculum develops broad analytical skills that can be applied to problem solving beyond the math curriculum itself.  The strict logic involved in a geometric proof can help a student develop a coherent argument in any field such as law, 业务, science, 或高等数学.  In fact, the training of the mind to master deep mathematical concepts develops the skills to “learn how to learn.”  These same skills will help students succeed in professions that require assimilating new and complex ideas, 比如编程语言, 挑战科学概念, 业务, 或者在任何领域.  最大的目标是帮助学生成为终身学习者, 有选择和改变职业的灵活性, and not to be limited in that growth by lack of skills in fundamental math and problem solving.  How close we can come to reaching these goals depends on a student’s intellectual ability, 职业道德, 和动力.



The unbalanced scale demonstrates that we teach students science through actually doing science.  学生 develop their data collection and analytical skills throughout their courses in the science department.  当数据似乎与他们先入为主的概念“不平衡”时, students are encouraged to think critically about their observations in order to come to a plausible conclusion.  学生 are asked to take their findings and apply them to the greater picture- where and how does the information gathered in the sciences fit into the larger issues faced by societies around the world- environmental and resource issues as well as medical and ethical issues?



The ultimate goal of 社会研究 coursework at Arlington Catholic is for students to make positive contributions, 基于知识和信仰的, 他们所生活的世界. 学生 gain a foundational understanding of various cultures in the ninth and tenth grade which allows them to have a greater understanding of the modern world. 在11年级的时候, students understand our own country and how they can be better citizens by studying themes of US History that extend across time periods. In the senior year students are able to choose from a variety of electives that allow them to develop a greater understanding of economic, legal, and psychological concepts that can inform their lives and help them think critically through the various lenses. We see the student’s positive contributions to the world as beginning in high school and encourage students to immediately apply their learning to their lives by getting involved in politics and service projects that make the United States and the world a better place for all to live.

社会研究系寻求, 符合阿灵顿天主教高中的办学理念, to prepare our students for active participation in lifelong learning; to use that knowledge to stimulate social awareness from a Christian perspective; and to provide a solid foundation for future learning.

这个系培养批判性思维的发展, 各层次的讨论和写作能力. The use of technology is integral to our teaching and we are excited about the digital initiative and ways to use the iPad in the classroom.



Studying 神学 at Arlington Catholic High School can be a transformative experience. The Mobius strip represents the continuous interplay between the inner and outer aspects of our lives.  The creation of the self and society is an ongoing process that engages the mind, body and soul. 就像十字架是在象征的中心, 天主教-基督教的教学涉及课程的各个方面.  We, 在神学学院, 致力于挑战思维, 63、培育心灵,启迪学生精神.


  • To be critical thinkers who ask searching questions about meaning and values.
  • To recognize how studying theological and spiritual ideas is essential to understanding past and present societal issues.
  • To value the insights gained from introspection and examination of conscience.
  • 确认全人类的基本尊严.
  • 为弱者,穷人和受压迫的人辩护.
  • 以尊重为核心价值观, 同情, 课堂内外都要公正正直.



The College Board’s 美联社顶点™ is an innovative college-level program based on two new courses, AP®研讨会和AP研究, 补充和加强特定学科的AP课程.

The program immerses high school students in the challenging practice of the critical skills students need today. 独立思考的能力, 写有效, 研究, 合作, and learn across disciplines is essential for success in college and beyond.

学生 who earn scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar and AP Research and on four additional AP Exams of their choosing will receive the 美联社顶点 Diploma™. This option allows students taking multiple AP courses to distinguish themselves to colleges and universities. 学生 who earn scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar and AP Research but not on four additional AP Exams will receive the AP Seminar and Research Certificate™. 





Arlington Catholic has partnered with 天主教的虚拟 to provide access to courses not offered at AC via an online format. 


  • Each class is led by a Catholic-trained teacher and averages 21 students per teacher to maximize student-to-student and student-to-teacher interaction.
  • Classes are paced and have weekly due dates for 作业, group work and discussion posts.
  • 学生 can access their course work anywhere they have internet access and are not required to log in at a certain time each day


If you would like to register for a class not offered in-person at Arlington Catholic, 请与您的指导老师讨论课程选择. 

这些课程对大三和大四的学生开放, 优先考虑老年人, 去上阿灵顿天主教学校不开设的课程. 



天主教的虚拟 is a team of passionate 教育工作者 rooted in the Catholic faith. 加拿大28游戏方法都相信教义, values, 还有加拿大28游戏方法父母传给加拿大28游戏方法的传统, 老师, 和牧师. We understand the meaning behind and believe in Pope Francis’s words, “Educating is an act of love; it is like giving life.” It’s from our beliefs and values that 天主教的虚拟 was created.

天主教的虚拟 is more than a school; we are a community of Catholic schools, 教育工作者, and families around the world working to provide students and families with a high-quality educational experience. As a Catholic organization, we want to ensure the ideals of a Catholic education continue. We’re doing this by providing new opportunities and solutions for 21st-century learning that allow Catholic schools and families to deliver a Catholic education to students that adapts to our ever-changing world and needs.


阅读, 作业, and methods of instruction used on each level of our English curriculum are designed to bring students on a journey of intellectual, social, moral, and spiritual discovery that encourages them to be active participants in their own education.   学生练习精读, 分析, discussion and writing to reveal the power of language in all its forms -- written, visual, verbal, 在线——塑造和挑战想法.  These skills deepen students’ understanding of diverse points of view and help them become good communicators; they provide opportunities for reflection and developing voice.  Like travelers who for centuries have used the compass to point them in the right direction, students navigate the English curriculum to explore and map their own course.  It is our hope that graduates depart Arlington Catholic with the tools necessary to make choices, 变得批判性, 同情ate thinkers who are curious about themselves and their world.




The symbol of the world with its variety of flags represents our department’s goal to make “global citizens” of our students by developing their communicative competence in Italian, 法语或者西班牙语 as well as their understanding of and appreciation for the people, 产品, practices and perspectives of the countries where these languages are spoken.

学生 at Arlington Catholic are required to take a minimum of two consecutive years of Italian, 法语或者西班牙语. However, 很多大学都喜欢三到四年的世界语言学习, 加拿大28游戏方法鼓励学习超出最低要求的语言.

意大利课程于2017-2018年增加. 随着意大利项目的发展, we will offer Honors Italian 3 in 2019-2020 with plans to add Italian 4 as well as Advanced Placement Italian Language and Culture in coming years. 学生 in upper levels will have the opportunity to take the National Italian Exam and be inducted into the Italian Honor Society.

法语和西班牙语, College Prep and Honors levels 1-4 as well as Advanced Placement  Language and Culture courses are offered. 在荣誉等级3和4, students have the opportunity to take the National French Exam or the National Spanish Exam. 除了, students who are particularly strong in their study of a world language may be inducted into our chapters of la Société Honoraire de Français (French Honor Society) or la Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (Spanish Honor Society).

The extracurricular 世界通用语言 Club provides our students the opportunity to explore other cultures through field trips and holiday celebrations.

Please see "经典 " for information on the Latin courses that we offer.